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Do you ship internationally? 

    We sure do! All details can be found on our Shipping Info page.

      What is my estimated delivery time?

        Check out our Shipping Info page for information regarding estimated delivery/shipping times.

          Can I change currency? 

            Yes! Simply select your currency from our currency selector in the header of our store and this will allow you to browse our store in your desired currency. For the most part, you will also be able to checkout in your chosen currency however there are some exceptions - in this case you will checkout in GBP using the most up-to-date conversion rates.
              What do I do if my order still hasn't arrived after the estimated time? 
              If this has occurred then please contact us as soon as possible.
              Will my parcel be charged additional custom and import charges? 
                Custom or Import Charges are charged once an item has arrived in its destination country. This is very rare when purchasing from us due to our products being valued under the import charge threshold. However, we have no control if your item does incur charges, as Import and Custom policies vary from country to country. We recommend that you find out what these charges may be before you place your order. As stated on our Terms of Service page, it is up to the customer to pay this fee.
                  What material are your cases made from and how protective are they? 
                    All of our phone cases are made from a silicone/gel material as they provide a slim but robust protective layer around your phone's back and sides; protecting it from bumps and scratches. As well as offering a great level of protection, this type of material is also ideal for UV printing which is another reason as to why we use this material!
                      Are your phone cases slightly raised over the front of your screen? 
                        Yes they are! The cases are slightly raised over the edge to ensure a greater level of protection to the screen surface if you happen to place your phone screen down. 
                          Do your phone cases have appropriate cut outs? 
                            Indeed they do! We've got cut outs for your camera, charging cable, aux, and silent mode switch - making them all still easily accessible. Other buttons such as the volume and power on/off buttons have been protected by the sides of the silicone/gel material. 
                              Still not getting your answers? Then get in touch with us via our contact us section or via our social medias.